About me

I’m a late adopter of agile, but now I’m an agile junkie with an affinity for agile values and principles.  With a career spanning 3 decades in software development – mostly writing code – I’m really interested in delivering software better.  I have a strong focus on design and process.  After 9 years in outsource coding companies, I’m back in a product company and loving it.  My current focus is on helping others write agile code and do XP practices while working out how to refactor a monolith so that we can scale.

In the past I have been a software architect, a project manager, holding the ScrumMaster role while sometimes mixing in some Product Owner and Scrum Coaching, and I have many years spent time as developer and/or software architect.

I’ve always held a great affinity with code and a passion for solving problems in all areas of software development.

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