Vision is essential for Collaboration

My wife has declared that I’m a Scrum geek.  I’ve never emoted with the geek term until now. But possibly she is right.  When tech speak starts to pervade your engagement with your children, possible you are reaching towards geek.

Below is one such experience of my Scrum geek coming out.

The team

We were painting inside our house late last year.  As a result we needed to empty several book cases in our hallway in order to move them.  Interestingly enough my two girls (age 3 & 5 at the time) were enthusiastically helping.  And doing a great job of it.  However they were competing.  And the coolest part about the process was climbing the step ladder.  One would attempt to make two trips in the time of the other in order to get more ladder time.  Which eventually led to arguments and discontent.

Collaboration and Vision

I, being a ScrumMaster, was not actually involved in the work but I overhead the discontent and had a short conversation with the girls that revolved around goals.  After confirming that the goal of the enterprise was not in fact to climb the step ladder more often but in fact to remove the books from the book case into the play room for storage, I suggested that working together might be more effective.  I left the girls and wandered back outside to the important dad work that I was doing.  (I have no recollection as to what.)

Entertainingly, shortly thereafter the books started flowing and the focus was back on working together as a team to remove the books – not on the step ladder.  I had to smile.  I didn’t expect much to change.  And I was geeking out in my discussion.  But it still had the desired result – and they did a great job helping us out 🙂

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