Got Books!

Some vacation reading:

  • Drive – because it is Daniel Pink and I really should read it.
  • Clean code – because I haven’t yet read it!?!
  • Continuous Delivery – because Fadi Stephan recommended it. Paging through it, it looks really great.
  • Applying UML and Patterns – because Herman Lintvelt recommended it in his DDD talk at SUGSA earlier in the year and I’m intrigued. Apparently it has a bad title and isn’t about UML at all – more OO design which is interesting.
  • Rework – because a collegue recommended it as an interesting read, and what the hell. Though it was in the “self-help” section in Exclusives which is a little disturbing.

All I need now is a copy of Kent Beck’s 2nd Edition XP book and I’ll be happily ensconsed in learning.

Hmmm… perhaps I need a kindle – the instant gratification may make up for not having the books to hold in the hand.

And now for 5 weeks holiday to read them all.  Yay!

One comment on “Got Books!

  1. VERY jealous! Enjoy your reading time 🙂

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