Does your architecture scream to you?

Nice blog entry by Uncle Bob – – about architecture is about the business/intention, not the technology.

I’ve worked on a lot of different systems.  One of them screamed of Operating System.  But it was an operating system so I suspect that is okay 😉  That said, I suspect most the systems I’ve worked on scream about their technology/implementation details far more than the business/intent of the software.  Something to think about.  How does one get there?  And does that make the code more agile?  I suspect DDD has place here – or at least modules telling stories of the work that they do – in words that make sense to the business people.  (Something from Aslam Khan’s DotNetRocks interview from a couple of years back that I’ve listened to recently.)

I’ve always wondered how that translates to tools / platforms like an SMS platform or an operating system.  But I suspect that is it actually possible as well.  You just need to get your general context and frame of reference right.

While I’m here – nice discussion of refactoring vertically vs horizontally from Kent Beck –

A friend told me I’d like twitter.  I suspect she’s right with jewels like these to watch come past!

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