Why Agility Matters!?

Now that I’ve tarred myself with the waterfall brush, let me dig myself out a little 🙂

I’ve started this blog as I’m still learning.  I hope to learn more and to grow and watch my opinions change as my experience grows and my understanding deepens.  One day I aspire to understand this agile thing.  Right now I feel like I’m scraping the surface.  I do however feel like I understand Scrum well.  I hope I can share my experiences with Scrum and my pursuit of agility and generate conversation on how to deliver software better.

Over the years I’ve delivered software fast and slow, as a developer, program manager, architect and project manager and in product teams as well as contracting arrangements.  At present I hold the title of Project Manager but I play the role of Scrum Master, Product Owner and Scrum Coach – as well as all the other bits and pieces like account management that all exist.  I’m generally lucky enough to play the scrum master role the majority of the time.  And I’m privileged to be able share what little I know with other teams in my organisation – and occasionally the organisations I work with – from time to time.

I’ve delivered projects in both fixed team and fixed price arrangements.  I’ve also run projects with Scrum of 1 person (not particularly useful) and on a high speed fixed date fixed budget project where scope was killed and changed as fast as possible to meet the deadline.  All are different.  Some are more agile than others.  Some are less fun than others.  All seem to be averaging on the successful side.  Thankfully since the fixed price project 2 years ago – there haven’t been any more of those 🙂

The main project I’ve worked with over the last year or so I’ve taken from a low point in the project to a reliable predictable process with quality deliveries that have grown in trust.  We’ve taken the project from a bad place to one where the team is now at the cutting edge of the software process delivery in the organisation – though not of our industry yet. This is surprising and awesome. Now I need to start having those conversations with the client around how agile do they want to be?  And the cost-benefit analysis around that.  Can we ever achieve deploying to production every two weeks?  And would that ever be desirable for a project supporting a semi-governmental industry? We shall see.

I’ve lots of thoughts to share on agile matters.  Hopefully some of them will generate great conversations. From agility matters?  To agility matters!

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